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Sending SMS Messages With the Help of Amazon’s Alexa

You can now use Amazon’s Alexa to send SMS messages. The well-known smart speaker can now help you send SMS messages if you use an Android smartphone. This is the company’s latest attempt to try and turn all its voice-assistant device into full-fledged communication tools. The new update was announced on January 30.

Your favorite voice-assistant gadget can now text your friends and family whenever you cannot find your phone or your hands are full. All you have to do is to ask Alexa to text one of the recipients in your contact list. Then, Alexa will find a way to send that person a message. The message could be sent via SMS messages to the already existing Alexa messaging service.

Amazon’s Alexa can send SMS messages

For now, this new feature is available only in the US. Furthermore, the SMS message technique would only work if you have installed the Alexa app on your Android phone. Furthermore, you also have to link your phone to your voice-assistant device. Every text you send via Alexa will also appear in your phone’s text app. There are also other voice assistants able to send SMS texts. For instance, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri can also do that.

Amazon uses its Echo devices to support numerous communication options, facilitating users’ experience. You could use your Echo speaker to make phone calls to phone numbers in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Furthermore, you can also make a phone call to other Echo speakers.

Summing up

In case you own an Android phone and an Alexa speaker, you should definitely try this new thing with SMS messages. You just need to turn this feature on, open the Alexa app on your smartphone and then go the Conversations tab. Unfortunately, Amazon did not figure out how to send emojis in SMS text sent via Alexa.

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