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Your Facebook News Feed Will Feature More Local News

Facebook indicates it will implement more local news in users’ News Feed and this is not an easy job. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has announced the latest change regarding Facebook’s News Feed. Starting from January 29, Facebook will show more stories and news in your local town or city. Hence, those users who follow a local news publication will now be able to see even more stories from that publication.

Furthermore, even those who do not follow a local news outlet will still see more local news publications in case some of their friends share some stories. Zuckerberg argues that this change is due to the self-guided tour of the US he conducted last year. He argues that numerous people have suggested him to focus on local problems. In this way, this will help people mare progress together.

Facebook’s News Feed changes again

In the last month, this is the third announcement about changes coming to Facebook’s News Feed. The first one that Zuckerberg has announced concerned a general overhaul of the News Feed meant to diminish commercial content. The second announcement claimed that the company tries to promote more trustworthy publications.

It is possible that another announcement will soon appear stating that Facebook will focus more on ‘informative’ content. This is because on January 19th Zuckerberg argued that the company will promote news which is local, trustworthy and informative. The first two out of these three categories were already covered.

Summing up

Facebook will spot local publishers by analyzing those that readers from a certain geographic area click on. Hence, users’ News Feed will contain more local news. Furthermore, Facebook will look at U.S.-based publishers, while trying to extend its effort in other countries as well. Furthermore, it will also reveal more publications on local arts, sports, and human-interest stories.

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