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Google Offers More Details on the Smart Camera Clips

On January 27, Google has revealed more about its wireless smart camera Clips. Google has announced this hands-free AI-powered camera in October 2017. You can use the gadget to capture some of your dearest moments. Google indicates that professional photographers helped at the development of this camera.

Clips relies on artificial intelligence to capture memorable moments in your life. Hence, the team of developers taught the camera to recognize which moments would turn into incredible memories. The camera is able to distinguish which are the worth-keeping photos from the throwaway snapshots. In this way, users will be able to enjoy moments more while Google Clip will be in charge of capturing those memories.

The smart camera Clips is incredible

Instead of moving around with a camera in your hand, paying attention to the photos you take, you could now make the most of your incredible moments while Clips handles the magic. You will no longer miss out on the experiences to take a whole bunch of photos. Furthermore, this camera barely needs a human’s help. This camera will also help new parents since they will experience a lot of firsts every day.

From now on, you will no longer feel the experience through your smartphone camera. Clips will do it for you while you enjoy the moments. In this way, you will preserve memories for your future self while also being part of the moment. Google used human-centered machine learning to train Clips in photography.

Summing up

Google hired a fine arts photographer, a photojournalist and a documentary photographer to develop the new smart camera Clips. Josh Lovejoy, the Clips UX designer, was completely satisfied with their work. Furthermore, Google also trained the AI of the camera regarding what good photos and bad photos looked like to establish which ones to keep.

Image Source: Variety

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