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Smart Nintendo Switch Tricks to Help You Enjoy the Hybrid Console

If you have a Switch console, you could definitely use some Nintendo Switch tricks that will improve your gaming experience. The Switch console became the fastest-selling one. You can now get the most of your hybrid console with these tips and tricks.

Turn off Wi-Fi

The hardware of the Nintendo Switch can pack a bit of power into a small frame. However, background processes might impair the console’s scant computing resources. This may determine framerate slowdowns. Hence, if you disable Wi-Fi auto-connect, it will be helpful, especially in handheld mode.

Easter egg hunt

This trick is for all those you love quirky easter eggs. When you want to play a game when the console is in sleep mode, it will ask you to press a certain button three times. Most users tap the “A” button. However, if you try clicking a shoulder button or the joystick, you will hear some funny sounds. Hence, you will be able to change the startup sound of the console in anything you want.

Save slots

One of the greatest Nintendo Switch tricks is related to save slots. The Switch has many incredible games like Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild. However, many of them allow only one save file. Generally, players would like to keep multiple files. In order to do this, you could develop several user accounts.

Use a keyboard

The Nintendo Switch has incredible operability when it comes to other types of devices. You can connect a USB keyboard. This might require for the console to be docked. However, it will work perfectly, allowing you to type faster.

Summing up

Any Switch owner can use these tips and tricks to enhance their gaming experience. These tricks will help you use other gadgets that you can attach to your console, or you could learn how to mash some buttons.

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