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How Does Apple HomePod Sounds Like?

Those who have had the chance to test the new Apple HomePod say that the gadget sounds fantastic. The new Siri-controlled speaker appears to be incredibly good. However, not all customers might appreciate the success that Apple obtained through its smart speakers. Apple has designed the new HomePod from top to bottom, the main priority being the audio part.

The new smart speaker will be on sale on February 9th, and it will cost $349. The speaker features seven tweeters that are pointed inward and down. Hence, their sound comes directly out of the bottom of the device in such a manner that it reaches all the corners of a room with exceptional clarity.

Apple will soon launch its new HomePod

On top of the device, there is a four-inch woofer which is supposed to be capable of 22 millimeters of excursion. Hence, the HomePod can play louder and clearer sounds than you have expected even if it is only 7-inch tall. Irrespective of what music you will choose to play on this speaker, you will see that you will not be disappointed. It offers perfect notes and sounds, playing the song with incredible acoustic.

It can make the music sound fresh, with visceral sounds, perfectly distributing it across the room. Furthermore, the HomePod can scan the entire room, adjusting the sound to match the acoustics. Even if you change the location of the HomePod while it is still playing, the speaker will know. It is equipped with an accelerometer which will re-scan the room.

Summing up

This incredible new Apple HomePod will redefine the way you enjoy music, transforming into an incredible experience. You will notice that the sound distribution is incredible for a speaker, making you hear the music as if you were wearing headphones. Furthermore, you are able to pair two HomePods to cover a bigger room.

Image Source: The Verge

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