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This Year Dead Cells Will Be Available for PS4

Motion Twin, the French indie team of game developers, will launch Dead Cells for consoles this year. Your favorite game will soon be available for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Eve if Motion Twin has discussed bringing the Windows PC game on consoles as well, on January 25 they have announced the upcoming launch.

Steve Filby is the producer of the game at Motion Twin. He argues that they are pleased to finally confirm the Dead Cells for consoles. However, they did not confirm a specific release date. In May 2017, the Dead Cells game has debuted on Windows PC on Steam Early Access. The Motion Twin team did not announce yet the launch timing for the final version.

Dead Cells is ready to be launched for consoles

However, Filby argues that their purpose is to launch all the console versions and the new PC version together. Furthermore, Filby also added that the Motion Twin team is currently working on the console porting process and they have even hired new people since they needed more help. To reach their goal, it is a great challenge, but Filby is confident. He trusts his team, considering that they are on the right track.

The team of game developers has made another announcement regarding the other PC versions. They plan to bring Dead Cells on both Linux and Mac. Filby argues that the versions should appear over the summer. At the moment, the team did not set a price for the console versions. Originally, the game’s cost amounted to $16.99 in Early Access. However, earlier this year the price of Dead Cells went up to $19.99.

Summing up

Filby announced that their PC game Dead Cells will soon be available for consoles. Hence, all PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch owners should be thrilled. In the eight months since the game was launched, Dead Cells gained a lot of fans.

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