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The Release of Monster Hunter World and Its Specs

Capcom will soon release the action RPG Monster Hunter World which is the sixth in the Monster Hunter series. Previously, this game only appealed to the Japanese public. Now, the game developers have considered simplifying some of the elements in order to make it appeal to the Western market. Hence, the game has become more accessible to new players.

The directors of the Monster Hunter World are Yuya Tokuda and Kaname Fujioka. They argue that they have added many improvements, making it easier to play for first players. One of the updates consists of including voice acting in Spanish, German, Italian, French, English, and Japanese. First-time players will finally be able to pick up the game a lot easier when they get tutorial advice in real time.

The new Monster Hunter World is meant to satisfy all players

Hence, developers wanted to make it look more similar to other AAA action titles. Furthermore, the bow-gun weapon controls are a lot similar to typical shooters. This skill will be appreciated by those who love shooting games. However, the developers did not remove veterans’ favorite things from the controls. They have only added more flexibility and options.

The producer of the game, Ryozo Tsujimoto has discussed a possible collaboration with Guerrilla Games and Sony. Furthermore, he suggested the implementation of Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. She will perfectly fit into this environment since she is a hunter with a bow and arrow. Previous statements indicate that Guerrilla Games admitted having used the Monster Hunter as a source of inspiration when developing Horizon Zero Dawn.

Summing up

The incredible Monster Hunter World will also determine first-time players to fall in love with it. The game developers also consider implementing World of Warcraft characters, besides the introduction of Alow from Horizon Zero Dawn.

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