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Google’s New Operating System Fuchsia Works on Pixelbook

The newly developed operating system Fuchsia runs on Pixelbooks. At the moment, Google only has two OSes on the market, namely Chrome OS and Android. Now, the company develops their third OS. Back in May 2017, the OS did not have a name yet, and it only functioned as an app, running on top of Android. The Fuchsia system UI was written with a cross-platform SDK known as Flutter.

This system UI has shut down the Android compatible builds. Fuchsia does not have any emulator to support its graphics API, having a Vulkan-based graphics stack. Therefore, in order to get Fuchsia to work, you needed actual hardware. The only supported devices were the Acer Switch Alpha 12 laptop and the Intel NUC PCs from 2015.

Pixelbooks can support the new operating system Fuchsia

Now, the team working to develop Fuchsia has announced that they used as a supported device the Chrome OS-powered Google Pixelbook. Therefore, now it is possible to run the new operating system on a piece of hardware. However, at this point, Google does not even acknowledge that the OS exists. Those who have tested it argue that the Pixelbook might not actually be the best device for this.

The Pixelbook does not feature the needs wired network port for Zeedboot. To install Fuchsia, you need a bootable USB stick that features a basic bootloader, Zedboot. This can get you connected to a network. On the host machine, testers can compile Fuchsia and then send the system files to a machine that runs Zedboot. Since the Pixelbook does not feature the port, users will have to go from USB-C to Ethernet.

Summing up

Google might not even release their operating system Fuchsia soon. They have started working at this OS in 2016, and it might not be ready soon. However, if you own a Pixelbook, you are no sure that the new Fuchsia will work smoothly on this one.

Image Source: The Android Soul

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