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A New Way To Stalk People On Instagram

Your favorite social media app has developed a new feature. Now you can stalk people on Instagram since the new update allows you see when users were last active. Instagram turns into stalkers’ paradise. People mostly use the app to share their videos and photos with their friends. Now, the app features an “Activity Status”.

Hence, all your followers and friends are able to see when was the last time you were active. This feature is the same as the one on Facebook Messenger. When you access Instagram Direct, the messaging section of the app will show you whether your friends are active in that app. If they are not, you will see when they were last active.

The new feature will let you stalk people on Instagram

Now stalking has reached a whole new level, letting stalkers keep an eye on who is ignoring them or not on this app. If your friend or your crush has already read your message and you still don’t get an answer, you will immediately know that they are ignoring you. Basically, the new feature will help you see who is ghosting you or not.

However, the Activity Status will fuel Instagram addicts’ anxiety even more. You are not the only one who thinks this Activity Status update went way too far. A high number of Instagram users are annoyed by this since boys can stalk girls and the other way around, keeping tabs on their activity. If you are not pleased, then you can go the app’s settings inside your profile and toggle off the “Show Activity Status”.

Summing up

The new feature allows users to stalk people on Instagram, by checking their Activity Status. However, there is a way for every user to stop the creepy activity broadcasting, by changing the settings on their profile.

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