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Blizzard World and the New Overwatch Map Will Soon Be Out

The release of the new Overwatch Blizzard World Map was announced at Blizzcon 2016. Blizzard World was developed just like a theme park. Here, users will develop all sorts of battles across numerous locations inspired by Blizzard games. The list of locations includes a Heroes of the Storm arcade, World of Warcraft, a Hearthstone tavern, some Starcraft structures and the Cathedral in Diablo III.

The new map is full of references and easter eggs, being one of the most intricate maps that Blizzard has ever designed for Overwatch. Even if they have released the map for Public Test Realm, now it will get its final release for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Blizzard World will be out on January 23rd. The release of the new map should be on the same day, probably in the afternoon.

The release date for Blizzard World is at the end of this month

Blizzard World represents a Hybrid map which is half Escort, half Assault. Throughout the map, you will find numerous checkpoints like the entrance to the cathedral and the ticket gates. Blizzard World has a lot of passageways which can help players flank their enemies. Furthermore, they will also find long sightlines for the snipers there.

Unfortunately, new maps always get delayed about a week for Competitive Mode because users will need to get accustomed to them. This is the case for those who do not have the chance to access Overwatch’s PTR version and who do not play it on PC.

Summing up

Blizzard World might not occur in the Overwatch League sometime soon. This is due to the fact that the teams need more practice, learning how to efficiently play on this map. Gamers would be happy to find out that Blizzard-themes skins will also be out at the same time as the map.

Image Source: IGN Nordic

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