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Nintendo Reveals a Dozen Big Games for Its Switch Console

Nintendo has announced today, January 12, that a series of big games is ready to be launched this year for the Nintendo Switch console. A broad variety of players will be pleased with the new titles that are meant to suit every taste. Nintendo will bring some indies and classics, new updates to Odyssey and a new Mario Tennis game.

Furthermore, it is also possible for the gaming company to launch Dark Souls: Remastered. However, most fans will enjoy The World Ends With You. This is a DS cult hit which has an incredible soundtrack and also exceptional modern aesthetic. Numerous fans have required a remake of this game. Most likely, they are glad to find out about this today.

Nintendo brings numerous big games for Switch

The Super Mario Odyssey will get a new competitive game mode. Luigi, Mario’s brother, will host Balloon World. In this game, you have 30 seconds to hide a balloon anywhere on a stage. However, you also have the chance to find one that somebody else has hidden there. Most likely, 999-star power players will hide it in hard-to-reach areas.

The new Mario Tennis Aces also features Luigi. So far, the details revealed indicate that the story mode will be fun. Many other players are excited about the action games JPRG Ys VIII, the musical Fe and the platformer Celeste. Developers have updated these games with easier modes in order for all the players to be able to play it.

Summing up

Many gamers are looking forward to playing the new big games that Nintendo will bring on Switch. They are glad to see that Nintendo tries to court developers and games that most of the people prefer. Now, players have more reasons to purchase a Switch console if they do not already have one.

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