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Facebook Promises Big Changes for Your News Feed

Facebook has announced that it is ready to implement changes for your news feed. Every user will find more posts from their friends and family in their news feed rather than news. Hence, when you scroll through your news feed in the following weeks, you will see less content about media, brands, and businesses.

The big announced was made on Thursday, January 11th. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, indicates that these changes are meant to spread out positivity. People should be encouraged to feel more positive when scrolling through their social media accounts. Hence, if you see a lot of news about businesses or crimes, you are like to get off your Facebook account and find another way to spend your free time.

Facebook encourages positive posts in your news feed

That is why Facebook wants to encourage meaningful and pleasant interaction between its users. Zuckerberg says that when we use social media to interact with people, we care about, this can make us feel good. You will feel more connected and, therefore, less lonely. This is related to long term health and happiness.

The new research also shows that watching videos or passively reading articles is not as relaxing as it should be and this may not be as good. Zuckerberg has announced his New Year’s resolution for this year is to fix Facebook. Time on Facebook will be “time well spent”. This was initially the main purpose of Facebook when it was first developed.

Summing up

Facebook will also deal with abuse on their platform, making sure users feel safe when they use Facebook. The new goal for this year is to encourage users to remain positive. People will have the chance to see more posts from friends and families, instead of reading a bunch of news.

Image Source: Time Magazine

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