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LG Introduces Its Rollable OLED TV at CES

If you think you have seen it all, you should wait to see this. LG has presented at CES 2018 its new rollable OLED TV. This 4K OLED TV can be rolled up just like you do with your newspaper. The new TV is the first rollable one in the world. When you use the remote, the TV extends and retracts, all looking like a magic trick.

LG argues that this new and revolutionary characteristic would allow people to easily move the TV. This rollable OLED TV is thin, featuring eye-popping colors and perfect blacks. You can use this extraordinary TV in three different modes. First, you can unfold it until only a quarter of the display is visible. Hence, you can display information like the weather, news or even some photos.

The rollable OLED TV looks out of this world

When you continue to unroll it, you can enjoy the display in a 21:9 aspect ratio. This is known to be the ideal way in which you can watch movies. The third mode is when you completely extend the LG Display, being way better when you want to watch a movie in the traditional format. Do not expect the speed of the unrolling process to be very quick.

Furthermore, a massive drawback for some is the fact that the rollable OLED TV does not have sound. However, considering how thin the TV is, this is understandable. You can always connect it to a soundbar base which can help you enjoy an exquisite cinema-like experience.

Summing up

The new rollable OLED TV, LG Display is not only revolutionary, but it also offers quality colors and images. You will enjoy an incredible cinema-like experience, being able to use the TV in three different modes.

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