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Ford Will Launch A New SUV: The 2019 Ford Edge

Ford Motor Co has always tried to satisfy customers need for safety and high performance with its sedans. Now, the company will launch the 2019 Ford Edge, a hot rod SUV. This is the company’s first race-ready SUV. Today, January 11, Ford introduces the ST edition of the sports utility vehicle Ford Edge. The new car has a 335-horsepower twin-turbo V-6 engine.

The designer of the new vehicle, Steve Gilmore, indicates that the car was styled to appear “sinister”, being engineered on track. The chief engineer of the Ford Edge, Jonathan Crocker, claims that they have destroyed a lot of race tracks with this monster SUV. This car is the latest twist when it comes to SUVs. Statistics show that the vast majority of US car buyers usually purchase utility vehicles while others preserve their preference for performance.

The 2019 Ford Edge is ready for a race

Hence, they choose Focus ST hot hatches and Taurus SHO sports sedans. The head of Ford’s North American operation is Raj Nair. He argues that he would not refer to these SUVs as an independent niche. However, this is a big opportunity for the company to pursue some really unique parts and real engineering. The new 2019 Ford Edge is the first car in a series of hot rod SUVs the automaker will launch. For the ST upgrade, rumor has it that the subcompact EcoSport and the compact Escape are next in line.

Karl Brauer is the executive publisher of Cox Automotive Inc. brands. He says that more and more buyers tend to head towards SUVs and trucks, avoiding regular cars.

Summing up

More car buyers tend to give up on the idea of purchasing cars, choosing more SUVs. Hence, Ford is ready to offer exquisite quality and safety with its new 2019 Ford Edge. This is the first SUV in a series of hot rod ones that Ford plans to deliver to their customers.

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