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Vivo Develops A Smartphone with In-Display Fingerprint Reader

Vivo has created a very intelligent smartphone which features an in-display fingerprint reader. The company released a press release on January 9th, announcing the new smartphones. About a month ago, the company Synaptics revealed its Clear ID FS9500 sensor. They argued that this feature will soon be implemented in a manufacturer’s phone. BBK, Vivo’s parent company, is associated with the OnePlus and Oppo brands. These two brands united into Tier 1, selling boatloads of phones in China.

Hence, Vivo has confirmed the incorporation of this in-display fingerprint reader in their phone. The company has also talked about the advantages of this fingerprint reader. One of the most important things is that it is front-facing. Furthermore, this scanner allows for a bezel-less phone footprint. Hence, you will benefit from the best of both worlds if you purchase one.

Vivo embedded an in-display fingerprint reader on its phone

The scheme for the scanner is the same as the one for the Synaptics Clear ID FS9500 sensor. This is backed by a dedicated interface which lights up when you need finger scanning. However, when you are using the phone, this interface stays put. When unlocking your phone, the indicator will ask you to place a finger on it. This indicator will also help you do mobile payments or access protected content. The OLED display looks just like a normal one. There is nothing there to signal you that it features such an intelligent feature.

Now, Vivo has to name this device and also offer more details about its characteristics to the large public. Many users are curious about this incredible feature, wanting to know the price for such a device. The phone was announced to appear on the market early this year, but we do not have a specific date.

Summing up

The world of smartphones is about to change with the new in-display fingerprint reader. Soon, Vivo’s smartphone will incorporate this revolutionary feature, making users’ lives a lot easier. This feature is similar to the one Samsung uses for its smartphones. However, the striking difference is that Samsung incorporates it on the back of its smartphones.

Image Source: The Indian Express

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