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The Open Ear Headphones From Sony at CES 2018

Sony has developed some open ear headphones which feature an incredible technology. Numerous other brands, Sony included, have developed headphones that allow you to listen to music without blocking the sounds around you. The technology implemented the use of microphones which recorded the sounds from the outside world, pumping them over your music.

However, Sony tries to change the game. The company designed earbuds which have a hole in them, letting sounds through. The Xperia Ear headphones represent their latest technology. People had the chance to try them on at CES 2018. The headphones are clearly different than any other type of earbuds. You can hold conversations with others while wearing the headphones with music playing.

The Xperia Ear represent the exquisite open ear headphones

The headphones are not a distraction since the sound from the outside world comes through really clear. Hence, you can easily adapt from paying attention to someone to paying attention to the lyrics of your music. It is clear that the hole they feature in them will not provide you the traditional headphone experience. Hence, you will not feel like being surrounded by your favorite music.

The music you play on Xperia Ear will sound more like ambient music. Ultimately, the purpose of these headphones is to keep you present and alert, being aware of your surroundings. In order to skip tracks, you can tap on the right and left earpieces. The taps can also help you change volume or activate a smart assistant. The gesture controls seem to work incredibly well. You need to snap your head right or left to change the tracks.

Summing up

The revolutionary open ear headphones designed by Sony will help enjoy your music as you are 100% alert and aware of the world around you. The earbuds feature a hole that permits sounds from the outside world to penetrate. In this way, you will be able to hold a conversation while you listen to your favorite tracks.

Image Source: The Verge

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