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Intel Wants to Make Possible People Immersion Inside a TV

At CES 2018, Intel revealed a revolutionary technology, meant to change the entertainment industry. Intel uses the latest technology to make possible people immersion inside a TV. This is the true ultimate experience, where the user will be directly in the action of the show. Specialists would use tech like virtual reality, high-resolution displays, and 3D.

Brian Krazanich is the CEO of Intel. During a CES tech show in Las Vegas, on January 8th, he has declared that to transform their ideas into reality. He also presented a series of immersive media concepts by using Intel-powered cameras. These cameras help capture more of a movie scene or a sports field. He stated that this technology is ready to upgrade consumer experience in many areas, like medicine, education, entertainment, advertising, travel, and retail.

Immersion inside a TV could soon be possible

Their goal is to use data to develop and deliver the most realistic content possible. Even if these concepts necessitate a lot of computational power, they really have the potential to change the way we experience shows, sports, and movies. Hence, filmmakers could develop new ways of telling their stories, having the change to also include the user.

Krzanich revealed how Intel makes use of numerous high-definition cameras located around a football field to capture every angle of a play. Hence, broadcasters were able to offer recaps from anyone’s point of view located on the field. Viewers can watch a game in VR from any perspective they would like, having fantasy stats on their displays.

Specialists create the 360-degree views by using volumetric data. This is populated by voxels which are pixels in a 3D space.

Summing up

The incredible technology developed by Intel can possible people immersion inside a TV, helping them, have a different entertainment experience. By using this technology, Intel makes possible for viewers to see the movie or match from every any perspective.

Image Source: Business Wire

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