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The Sgnl Wristband: The Future of Phone Calls

The Sgnl wristband can revolutionize the way you will hear your phone calls. Now, by only using your fingertips, you can hear your calls via this incredible wristband. It was unveiled at CES 2018. Even if this gadget may seem like a crazy idea, it is not crazy if it works. This wearable can help you have private phone conversations by simply touching your ear with your finger.

Developers have initially designed this wristband as a concept for the C-Lab of Samsung. It is extraordinarily accurate, transmitting the sounds through your the skin and flesh on your hand, as vibrations. These vibrations come out of your finger as sounds. However, the body conduction technology of the Innomdle Lab is not designed for music playback. Despite all this, you can still hear a track via this advanced technology.

The Sgnl Wristband transfers sound through your flesh

Even if this would not be the best way to listen to your favorite album, this is a great technology, helping you keep conversations intelligible. The Sgnl can store more than five contacts. You can sift through these contacts by using a set of navigation buttons. Furthermore, you can also use this wearable as a fitness tracker. The wristband has an exquisite yet simple design.

The body-conduction bits are located in a soft-touch plastic body. The rest of the wristband is made out of dark stainless steel. Some fans who have tested the product are concerned about the clasp that seems clumsy. It may be difficult to stick the small metal tab on one end and into the slot on the other end by using just one hand.

Summing up

The incredible Sgnl wristband is meant to revolutionize the way you will take your phone calls from now on. All you will have to do is to wear the wristband and select one of the contacts you want to talk to. Then, touch your ear with your finger, and the vibrations will be conducted through your skin and flesh.

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