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The New Overwatch PTR Features Changes for Mercy Nerfed

The new Overwatch PTR was released today, on January 5th. The update confirms more changes for the hero Mercy Nerfed. Blizzard has released the latest update of the game, and they intend to launch it on all platforms. PTR updates help fans playtest new character tweaks before they appear on PS4, Xbox One, and PC servers.

The latest Overwatch patch reveals that developers have implemented more changes for the hero healer of the game, Nerfed. Over the past few months, this character has seen a lot of updates. Blizzard team’s major mission was to try to balance her rebooted skills. The latest PTR update reveals more changes related to the Valkyrie abilities of Mercy.

The updates include:

  • The decrease of the speed boost for the Guardian Angel by 50%;
  • No more resurrect instant;
  • No more bonus charge of Resurrect;
  • The reduction of duration from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.

Players are surely thrilled as they find out about these changes. The updates are pretty big, and everyone is excited. The Overwatch PTR comes with developer explanations. The patch indicates that the Resurrect changes for Mercy Nerfed allow enemies to develop more counter play when fighting with her. The hero is able to use Resurrect via Valkyrie in order to fix the great impact of the previous updates.

The team of developers indicates that they have reduced the amount of mobility provided by Valkrie via the Guardian Angel. Hence, by reducing its duration, it also reduces the power of this ability. Some of the fans really understand developers’ need to update Mercy’s kit.

Summing up

Some fans really enjoy the new Overwatch PTR, arguing that the reduced time is a great idea. However, the lack of cast time and a second charge may be unsatisfying for some to use. Developers may keep in mind players’ feedback and alter the changes again.

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