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Processor Flaws Affect All Macs and iOS Devices

Apple announced that processor flaws had affected all iOS devices and Macs. On Wednesday, January 3rd, some major chip security flaws have taken over all iOS devices. However, there is a way through which users can get rid of these problems. By downloading the latest software updates, users can solve one of these vulnerabilities that have impacted their Apple devices.

On Thursday, January 4th, Apple confirmed that all their computers, iPads and iPhones got affected by two newly discovered flaws. Luckily, Apple Watch is not affected by one of these processor flaws known as Meltdown. Unfortunately, these flaws also affect all the Apple TVs. However, Apple did not offer additional information about what TV model is affected.

Apple devices affected by processor flaws

Nevertheless, Apple says that at the moment, there are no exploits which affect customers. Hence, in order for a hacker to manipulate these processor flaws, a dangerous app should be loaded on an iOS or Mac device. Apple advises users to download software only from reliable locations in order to avoid software with malware.

The major bugs in computing architecture, Meltdown and Spectre managed to spread horror among Apple devices’ users. The main idea here is that some processors have been using some tricks for a few decades. Those tricks seem to have extremely severe vulnerabilities. Hackers could use hem to unveil all types of protected data. Even if Apple assures users that they do not have to worry, you might still be one of the unlucky victims.

To prevent this, you should check whether your Apple devices are up to date. Meltdown represents a problem that affects only Intel processors. Spectre is an even trickier bug.

Summing up

Apple will soon release updates for some of its devices to fix these exploit techniques. The processor flaws seem to affect all Apple devices except Apple Watch.

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