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The Revolutionary Development of a Futuristic Metalens

Researchers from Harvard have created a futuristic metalens which is flat and can successfully focus light. They say that this incredible lens is not like the rest of the lenses we know. It is not curved and bulky like the regular lenses. Researchers managed to focus light on a nanoparticle scale by using this incredible lens. If you were expecting larger tech companies like Samsung and Apple to adapt this kind of technology, you would have to wait. This won’t happen soon.

The new study regarding the futuristic metalens was published in the January 1st in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. The new research might help tech companies incorporate larger lenses to phones, VR headsets, and cameras. However, even if these lenses are larger, they take up less space. In this way, several devices could use the remaining room for other purposes. Companies could develop bigger batteries or hardware instead of using bigger lenses.

The future of photography relies on a futuristic metalens

Some types of visible light, like red light, have longer wavelengths compared to blue light which has a shorter wavelength. Therefore, in order to capture these colors at once, cameras use curved lenses to focus the incoming light and capture the image. Nevertheless, the futuristic metalens has plenty of advantages compared to regular lenses. They are very thin and easier to develop.

This invention represents the next big step. The small metalenses feature smaller nanofins compared to regular lenses. Nanofins represent structures which control the speed of the different kinds of light when they enter the flat lens. Harvard researchers plan to continue to extend their study and scale up their nanoparticle lens to something larger, at 1 centimeter in diameter.

Summing up

This incredible futuristic metalens is meant to revolutionize the world of photography, taking up less space. A lot of photographers would be glad to use such lenses without the burden of caring around heavy, bulky objects.

Image Source: Harvard Gazette

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