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HQ Trivia is Officially Making Its Way to Android

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HQ Trivia should be released for Android devices sometime in early January.

The HQ Trivia mobile application, already one of the most popular apps on Apple smartphones and tablets, will soon be available for Android devices as well.

The Google Play Store is already allowing users to pre-register for the app. Thanks to this, they will be receiving it as an automatic download upon the app’s public release.

The Popularity of HQ Trivia Will Likely Rise With the New Release

The new HQ Trivia application for the Android operating system is currently available to a limited number of users through a private beta program. Its public launch is scheduled to occur in early January 2018.

Intermedia Labs, the company behind the app, first launched the game in 2017. This was released as a free download in the iOS App Store.

When the app launches on Android devices too, users will be able to join the already existing iOS users in the daily games. When a new round starts, the app will automatically display a notification. Then, a live host will appear on-screen.

All online players receive a series of questions, and a user is removed from the round once he or she makes an incorrect guess. At the end of the game, a real cash prize is divided among the players who answered all questions correctly.

HQ Trivia requires only a username and mobile phone number for registration. After that, players are free to join the daily games. However, the app does not provide any gameplay options between the live rounds of trivia. Prize money for each round will vary. Currently, around $2,000 is the minimum.

Intermedia Labs indicated that it hopes to increase the app’s prize money as more users sign up for the service. The company reportedly intends to raise new funding from investors as it is expanding onto new platforms.

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