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Is Microsoft Working on a Foldable Device? Recent Patent Hints So

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Microsoft seems to be working on developing or creating a foldable device.


It’s always interesting to browse pending patents and guess what gadgets will come from them. Microsoft recently filed patents for a foldable display, but the company has yet to announce what it will use these for.

Aside from the Surface tablet, the company hasn’t had much luck with mobile devices recently. Headlines about the company’s mobile devices were scarce until just a few months ago.

At the time, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore announced the cessation of software and hardware updated for Windows Phones. According to a tweet, the company would continue to provide support in the form of bug fixes, but that’s it.

Is Microsoft Planning a Foldable Device?

The recent patent filings suggest that Microsoft still has its eye on the prize, however. A foldable screen could easily work for a tablet. These patents indicate a screen folder in half on its, folded into thirds, and folded into a “V” shape.

Such designs could produce a flat tablet, one that functions more like a notebook or a screen more similar to a smartphone.

The tech giant isn’t the only company working on screen technology. Similar parents have existed since the early 2000s. LG may also have something similar in the works.

Samsung debuted a flexible screen at the 2016 SDI conference in San Francisco as well. It also promised that this would soon be available to the market. In early 2017, Samsung filed patents for a hinged folding screen.
The company has yet to release a flexible or foldable device, but we know the Galaxy X will include that technology. This Samsung device has already taken longer than expected to release.
If Microsoft can make good on the patent and beat the competition to the punchline, produce a more affordable device, or design a more intuitive or functional foldable device, it stands to regain its footing in the mobile industry.
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