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Future Apple Watches Might Feature An EKG Heart Monitor

Apple is currently working on developing an EKG heart monitor which it might implement on future Apple smartwatches. This heart-monitoring feature is likely to be part of the future versions of the company’s smartwatches. The purpose of Apple Inc. is to transform what was once a luxury fashion accessory into a medical device.

The new version of smartwatch would require users to squeeze the Apple Watch’s frame with two fingers. Then, the device is able to pass an imperceptible current across the user’s chest. In this way, it will track the electrical signals transmitted from the heart, detecting any abnormality. If someone experiences irregular heart rates, this can increase the chances of strokes or even heart failure.

An EKG heart monitor for Apple watches

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that a quarter of the people over 40 are threatened by a high risk of heart failure or strokes. In ambulances, hospitals and doctors’ offices, electrocardiograms are very common. However, the just monitor the activity of the heart for short periods. Thus, this limits their potential to spot abnormalities.

Nevertheless, there are also other wearable versions, like the Holter monitor. These devices can track the activity of the heart for only a few days. The current smartwatches from Apple have a basic heart rate monitor incorporated. But the company is now trying to use advanced sensors that would help predict future illnesses instead of just collecting historical data. In this way, via an EKG, it will be easier to establish the user’s heart health and spot any type of cardiac issues.

Summing up

The EKG heart monitor might soon be a new feature of Apple’s smartwatches. Currently, Apple is still testing and working on this technology. It is meant to spot any heart problems at any time, only through a simple touch. The new feature will also be able to prevent problems by spotting any heart abnormalities.

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