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Magic Leap One: A Headset Out of This World

Magic Leap One is a new headset from Magic Leap, a company which gained its popularity in Silicon Valley. The company promised to give a new boost to augmented reality gadgets, changing the way we experience the world. The new headset relies on a technology known as “Digital Lightfield”. Rony Abovitz is the founder of Magic Leap, and he shared some of the benefits of this new technology.

He explains that the Light Field represents the particle light field everywhere in the world, being an infinite signal which contains a huge amount of information. Magic Leap indicates that our brain can serve up just a limited selection of visuals, without needing all the data. Even if we do not know much about this new approach, other companies in the VR technology want to use it too.

The new Magic Leap One will amaze you

Numerous companies that develop VR technology want to use foveated rendering. This technique diminishes the detail of areas you are not looking towards. This is an incredible idea since the detail of our peripheral vision is lower. However, we do not actively notice it. Magic Leap indicates that their new headset will project a light field before the user’s eyes, without tiring them.

Furthermore, the images will be even more convincing than other competitors. The Magic Leap One headset was revealed on December 20. This headset looks like a pair of sci-fi goggles, being smaller than the Microsoft HoloLens and the Oculus Rift. However, it is larger than a normal pair of sunglasses. On the exterior, you can spot numerous sensors.

The sensors represent the light sensors and the cameras that reveal the world before your eyes. Hence, AR experiences are layered over it. To fix the goggles, you only need a single loop because no Velcro or straps are attached.

Summing up

The new Magic Leap One is ready to show you another face of the VR technology, promising to be better than its competitors. This is a lightweight and a comfortable approach. The goggles are round, and the render shows rectangular hardware behind them. If you are ready to explore a whole new world, the Magic Leap One offers you this chance.

Image Source: Variety

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