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A New Alpha Testing Program Developed by Instagram

Instagram has developed an Alpha testing program destined for Android and iOS. If you have always liked to test new things, then you will be thrilled to find out that Instagram has developed Alpha testing programs for Android and iOS. These programs are meant to offer a chance to those who want to test pre-release versions of the famous photo-sharing app.

For a couple of years, Instagram has been running an Android Beta program. In this program, Instagram features like multi-photo album posts, and account switching has first appeared. The newly developed Alpha testing program of the company provides a series of different versions of this app for all testers compared to Beta testers. Hence, users will be able to test features that have never even reached the next step.

Instagram launched the Alpha testing program

An Instagram employee has first revealed the launch of the Android Alpha program while searching for more participants for the program and offering them a link to join. When people have seen that post, they started commenting on different feature requests, offering new ideas. They wanted a dark theme, the authorization to repost someone else’s photo with attribution, and an option for a reverse-chronological feed.

However, as the Alpha program continues, we do not know for sure what they are testing. Apparently, the program is not something completely new. Instagram has launched it about two weeks ago. However, we were all expecting for a formal announcement about the program’s availability that Instagram has never made. An Instagram spokesperson argued that the rumors are true. The new testing program is a good method to collect feedback from the community.

Summing up

The new Alpha testing program created by Instagram is not meant to be a secret. Nevertheless, they do not advertise it. Those who would like to test it will know where to search for it. On the Google Play Store, they can sign up for test builds of apps.

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