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Amazon’s New Smart Device: The Echo Spot

Amazon’s new Eco Spot speaker is more than just a smart gadget. This is the perfect alarm clock for your bedroom with a camera on it. Alarm clock lost their popularity a long time ago while more and more people started using their phones as an alarm clock. Nevertheless, numerous studies have revealed that looking at your phone before you go to bed and using it again the first thing in the morning is bad for your health.

That is why it would be better for you to use this smart alarm clock. You will finally be able to get rid of your phone, keeping it away from your bedroom. The smart gadget Echo Spot will also provide weather reports, smart home device control and it will also tell the time. This gadget will not include any other distractions like social media apps, web browser or email.

The new Echo Spot is here to wake you up

Now, the Echo Spot is here to solve your problems. The product comes at a price of $129.99. Furthermore, another advantage in case you already own other Echo speakers is that you can use SAT analogies to connect the Spot device to them. The new Echo Spot is for the Echo Show exactly what the Echo Dot is to the Standard Echo. This represents a smaller and less expensive version of the Echo Show which virtually features the same abilities.

Some may say this is a small and cute Amazon Echo which has a circular screen. This is one of the best looking Echo devices, contrasting with the unattractive design of the larger Echo Show. You can acquire the new device in white or black. You can use the circular touchscreen to display lists, videos, information or a clock.

Summing up

The most exquisite ability of the new Echo Spot is the fact that you can use it for video calling, just like in the case of the Echo Show. You can use your phone or Amazon’s Alexa app to make calls. The image is pretty clear, and the sound is good. This can be the perfect Christmas present. Don’t think twice!

Image Source: Pocket-lint

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