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The Game Dissidia Final Fantasy Opens Beta for PS4

The famous franchise introduces Dissidia Final Fantasy developed by Square Enix. This is a crossover game that introduces villains and heroes from the whole franchise. They fight against each other in order to destroy or save the universe in which they live. Besides new gameplay trailers, developers have announced the open beta launch date of the game.

Furthermore, game developers also offer more details about gameplay modes which are new in the game. At the moment, the open beta will only available for Japan, and it will happen in three different stages. The stages will take place between December 23rd-24th, December 30th-31st and the last one between January 6th-7th.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Beta will soon be here

Square Enix has also announced a new battle mode. This is known as Core Battle Mode. It reveals two teams of two different players fighting against each other to destroy the core of the other team. This battle mode is great for friends who would like to play this online. Furthermore, the game empowers the idea of a competitive community which sprouts up around the title.

Developers have also released a new cutscene, revealing a pivotal moment from the new story mode of the game. What is more, game developers have also added a new battle that features the Ifrit summon. Fans would be excited to check this out, learning how summons work in the new Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Summing up

The new game from the franchise Final Fantasy will only be available for Japan for the moment. Its beta stage will be separated into three different steps, each taking place at different times. The Producer Ichiro Hazama and the Director Takeo Kujiraoka developed all this information via a live stream. Furthermore, a team of six players has demonstrated the Core battle mode.

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