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The New Mercedes Benz S-Class Reveals Exquisite Specs

The 2018 Mercedes Benz S-Class is an extraordinary and luxurious sedan. Sometimes, traveling in a luxury car may indicate that you will need to sacrifice dynamic ability and on-road manners. However, Mercedes has implemented the latest self-driving technology in the sixth-generation flagship Benz. Now this car takes driving to a whole new level.

The exquisite German marque is the perfect combination of comfort, technology, safety, and luxury. The 2018 Mercedes Benz S-Class will feature new tech and a new diesel engine. The price for this vehicle starts at $195,500 and other additional on-road costs. After the first half of 2018, a new 560eL hybrid model will appear. Furthermore, it will replace the outgoing model with an improved electric-only range.

Mercedes Benz S-class revolutionizes driving

The automaker has announced that the Merced-AMG S 63 L will have a much better version of the V8 tuned to 450Kw and 900Nm. This will help the sedan reach from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds. The luxurious Mercedes Maybach S650 is powered by a 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12. It develops 1000 Nm and 463Kw. Its price starts from $425,000.

The updated S-Class features a new exterior design, having different headlights and grille design. The headlights have bumper changes rear and front. On the interior, the S-Class features  single-zone climate control, rain-sensing wipers, push-button start and lather and suedecloth sports seats. Furthermore, the car features cruise control, electrically-adjustable steering column, Xenon headlights and leather steering wheel.

Summing up

The new Mercedes Benz S-Class is one of the most comfortable models, having a three-pointed star. Hence, the vehicle represents a well-crafted mixture of modern and traditional design elements. You can control the menus through swipe sensitive buttons on the steering wheel and new touch. Furthermore, you can relocate the cruise control stalk using on-wheel buttons. This updated model will make your driving experience more pleasurable.

Image Source: JD Power

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