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Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Gets The Predator

Starting with December 14, Ubisoft’s game Ghost Recon Wildlands will be invaded by Hollywood characters like The Predator. This will be available until the beginning of January. This well-known alien hunter will be part of an incredible challenge. Game players, either alone or in groups of four, need to do their best to survive and even kill the Predator.

From the Ubisoft’s blog, we find out that players who will be able to survive this challenge and beat the Predator will get the alien’s legendary mask and also its heat vision. The mask looks more like a hockey mask instead of resembling something that is out of this world. However, it will feature the dreads the alien has in the movie.

The Predator will star in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Just as a reminder for those who have forgotten the action of the movie, Predator is about a group of ex-military men who end up fighting for their lives in the jungle of Val Verde. There, they need to fight a ferocious alien who is trying to kill them. Nouredine Abboud is a senior producer at Ubisoft, arguing that the new mission is meant to be similar to the Predator movie.

As a player, before you meet the Predator, you will first get hints about its presence. The mission will make you feel as if the immensity of the jungle swallows you. Furthermore, the game uses suitable music to create a lot of tension. Abboud claims that the Predator will run around, taunt you from a distance and jump through threes.

Summing up

The new mission of Ghost Recon Wildlands will blow your mind by introducing the Predator from the famous movie. Ubisoft will implement this new mission which will be available starting on December 14 and until the beginning of January.

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