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Street Fighter Is Getting a Special 30th Anniversary Collection

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Capcom released the trailer for its Street Fighter series’ 30th anniversary collection.

Fans of the long-running Street Fighter video game series are in for a treat as Capcom finally released a trailer for its much-anticipated 30th anniversary collection. Set to officially release next year in May for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation4, and Xbox One, the unprecedented collection will contain 12 landmark titles from the Street Fighter history. It will also come along with new online features that will enable competitive playing.

The 30th anniversary collection also boasts an in-game music player so fans of the soundtracks of the series can explore original tracks outside of the gameplay. A catalog of never-before-seen concept sketches and art from the designers at Capcom will also be included as well.

A Historic Collection in the Making

First released back in 1987, the series has sold over 40 million units over its lifetime and remains one of the highest grossing video game franchises of all time. The game has found a new audience in recent years thanks in part to the rise of competitive e-sports. This is a fact borne out by the Anniversary trailer’s narrator, James Chen. He is a famed e-sports commentator and amateur historian of the fighting games community.

The series is notable for its large catalog of characters, brightly colored art and invigorating music. It is also well known for its having released alternative versions of each game. Ones that provide incremental improvements and changes to gameplay. The series remains popular with competitive gamers as its extensive library of characters allows for plenty of versatility. Still, it requires incredible skill to fully master.

All told, the release of the collection represents a new shift in Capcom’s attention to customer demand. The announcement comes only weeks after the company revealed an upcoming collection of titles from its celebrated Mega Man series. This is also celebrating its own 30th anniversary. Gamers can purchase the Street Fighter collection for all current platforms once it will be released in May 2018.

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