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PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Will Be Launched Before Christmas

Since the beta for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is about the end, fans are waiting for the release of the game. Some of those who had the chance to play the beta version say that the game is extraordinary. This “Hunger Games”-like the game already sold 24 million copies. Starting with December 20, PUBG will be available on the market, turning into a fully-fledged game.

The full version 1.0 will be released. The game developers have made the big announcement at The Game Awards on December 7. Furthermore, on December 12, they will also release an Xbox version of the game. This game will offer game players an extraordinary experience, where they will need to survive on a weapon-filled island. That will not be easy.

Game developers announced the release of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds

This new version of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds will include vaulting. In this way, windows and barriers will no longer block players. Furthermore, it will also add killcams that you can use to play back and see how you died. The game will include revamped sound, new weapons, UI tweaks, revamped gunplay and vehicles that drive more realistically.

The most important addition is the second level of the game. This level will reveal a massive desert called Miramar, being quite the opposite of what players have experienced so far, with abandoned farms, military installations, villages, hills, and forests.

The new version of PUBG is more than just an updated, better version of the game. The game looks like a totally different environment, featuring more cavernous buildings and definitely a lot more urban cover. However, gamers should prepare for one downside: sometimes the game may be laggy, even if you have a good internet connection.

Summing up

Game players are thrilled that the full version 1.0 of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds will finally appear, just in time for the Christmas holidays. The beta version proved that this revamped game is more than that, being way better than the first version of PUBG.

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