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Vine 2 Just Got Teased: The Co-Founder of Vine Made an Announcement

Dom Hofmann, the co-founder of the Vine service has recently teased Vine 2. The tweet indicates that the possibility of Vine’s resurrection exists. The video-hosting platform might return since one of the co-founders has tweeted a picture of the updated logo of the platform. However, this is not the first time when Dom Hofmann talks about the idea of resurrecting Vine.

Back in 2013, after its launch, this has quickly grown to be the top free app in the US iOS App Store. On December 6th, Hofmann revealed that he is now ready to work on a “follow-up to vine”. He also indicates that this would be an outside project that he is ready to fund.

Vine 2 might be launched soon

In 2012, Twitter purchased Vine. This platform allowed users to post looping videos which should not be longer than 6 seconds. Even if it had a simple premise, the young public really enjoyed, and soon the platform gained a lot of fans. Furthermore, in 2015, the number of users increased to 200 million monthly active users. This is a great achievement!

Unfortunately, in 2016, Twitter announced to no longer support Vine. Therefore, it archived all the videos. Twitter had purchased the original Vine for $30 million back in 2012 before the platform was even launched. This time, if the three co-founders start working on this new project soon, they will no longer this. Vine 2 might become an outside project.

The announcement got all the fans thrilled, and Hofmann’s tweet got retweeted about 66,000 times in just three hours. Hence, Vine 2 turned to be a trending topic on Twitter when all the users started sharing their excitement.

Summing up

Many Twitter users expressed their excitement and thrill when they have read that there is a chance for Vine 2 to appear. Nevertheless, the new project will no longer be part of Twitter. One of the co-founders has announced that this will be independent work.

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