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Connecting 3D Printed Objects to the Internet Without Electricity

Scientists have developed some 3D printed objects that can connect to the Internet without the use of electricity. Researchers at the University of Washington managed to develop a method for 3D-printing and detecting information from plastic objects. The striking part here is that they did not need to connect those objects to electricity.

The revolutionary objects can connect to the Internet by establishing a Wi-Fi connection. Researchers print objects that feature a combination of copper and plastic filaments. Then, they use the backscatter technique to detect changes in the objects they have printed by using Wi-Fi routers. Backscatter consists of radio waves emitted from a Wi-Fi router which bounce back to the device.

Now, you do not need electricity to connect to the Internet

The objects they have printed have wave-reflective surfaces. When changes occur to those surfaces, they can measure them using a Wi-Fi-enabled gadget attuned to the Wi-Fi signals. Researchers printed those plastic and copper objects to show how this could actually work. They have included a button, a movable gear, a dial and a wind-speed measuring device.

When they pressed the button, the dial automatically turns, the wind blows through the devices, and the conductive copper surface is able to connect to the Wi-Fi router. Then, they have tried to use those objects to interact with the Internet. They used the button to turn on a computer. Hence, the dial was able to scroll a web browser. Then, they have used a slider to manage a digital slider.

Summing up

This extraordinary invention can revolutionize the Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, it helps us look at 3D printed objects in a new way, revealing the power of technology. You will not even need electricity for this. Isn’t it extraordinary to use a plastic object to connect to the Internet?

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