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Samsung Will Soon Launch a Foldable Smartphone

Next year, Samsung will launch a foldable smartphone. This is one of the most popular rumors about Samsung, circulating on the web. The company is currently working on developing its Galaxy X which will have a flexible display. Hence, users will be able to fold the device without damaging it. Even if these rumors have been circulating for a while now, the device is only meant to appear on the market starting with next year.

Ko Dong-jin, the president of Samsung Mobile, has revealed the company’s plan to launch this exquisite gadget. However, even if a lot of fans have commented on this affirmation, we are not aware of the progress the company made so far. Furthermore, we do not even know for sure whether this news is about the upcoming Galaxy X.

The new foldable smartphone will be launched next year

The important thing here is that Samsung is not the only company trying the innovate the world of smartphones. There are many other manufacturers which are also trying to develop a foldable smartphone, namely LG. This company is long known to be Samsung’s rival.

Furthermore, a recent patent released by Apple highlights the fact that the Cupertino company also explores the idea of developing a foldable display for their smartphones. Nevertheless, we do not know whether fans should really trust this rumor since no proof guarantees that the patents will become actual products.

Summing up

After the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 which feature an Infinity Display, Samsung aims even higher, thinking about a revolutionary foldable smartphone. The upcoming smartphone will fold just like paper. Back in 2013, the Samsung Galaxy Round was the world’s first phone featuring a flexible display. However, it had a curved AMOLES-based concave screen with some gesture features.

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