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Chromebooks Will Now Feature Microsoft Office

Chromebooks will finally have Microsoft Office. Even if this might have required a big announcement, it had not. The new Office capabilities were introduced for Chromebooks without making a big fuss. Before introducing Microsoft Office, there has been a big debate on whether or not they should implement it. Since they have announced it, many Android apps for Chromebooks, Microsoft Office included, have come a long way.

The use of Microsoft Office on Chromebooks seemed arbitrary and random since only some of them received support. However, after all these struggles, most Chromebooks will finally be able to use the productivity suite. All over the internet, you can now find reports regarding the ability to use this suite.

Microsoft Office is nor available for Chromebook

Hence, if you are a Chromebook user, you might already have access to Microsoft Office. Nevertheless, do not imagine that it’s all good news. If you own a Chromebook with a screen bigger than 10.1-inches, you should know that you will not be able to use Microsoft Office for free. You will need an Office 365 subscription.

As the announcement implies, if your Chromebook features a screen smaller than 10.1-inches, you will be able to use it for free, working with basic documents. Nevertheless, since the holiday season is approaching, Microsoft Office for Chromebooks is likely to make wallet-friendly devices the perfect gift for someone you love. The suite on a new Chromebook can facilitate the life of any student.

Summing up

Chromebook’s popularity continues to rise, and the introduction of Microsoft Office represents the reason which triggered this growth. Hence, if you are excited about Microsoft Office on Chromebook, you should download it for yours. Furthermore, you could also consider transforming this into a great present for your friends and relatives.

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