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How Google Predicts the Life of Your Battery

Google uses some new machine learning in order to improve and predict the life of your battery on Google Pixel. In case that the previous Pixel’s battery life forecasts were not exactly accurate, then you should wait and see the new improvements.

A Google product manager indicated that if you use up to 10% of the battery in a few hours, the gadget will estimate that the level of per-hour usage will be constant. Michelle, the product manager from Google’s NYC office, says that this prediction is not always accurate. Hence, to enhance the accuracy, Google developed an on-device model.

Google’s on-device model predict the life of your battery

This is meant to examine every device’s battery lifespan and usage over a limited time period. Then, it will develop an understanding of usage patterns on similar days and times. Hence, it will be able to personalize the predictions it makes, relying on how people use their phones. The on-device model will factor predictable and frequent usage spikes.

For instance, it will observe whether an individual likes to watch YouTube or Netflix during their commute home. The Battery section will reveal both the percentage of battery life remaining and also an estimate of how many minutes this translates to. The predictions will rely on the analysis of the model regarding usage patterns.

If you would long-pressed the Battery icon, it will display ‘Advanced battery usage.’ This reveals a graphic which estimates the life of your battery. It will tell you the numbers of hours since the battery was fully charged and how many hours there are until the battery is completely depleted.

Summing up

Google’s new on-device model will spare you the trouble of having your phone dead all the time. Now, you will know the length of the life of your battery and when you will need to recharge it.

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