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Chinese App Stores No Longer Include Skype

The famous internet messaging and phone call service, Skype, will no longer be available in numerous Chinese app stores, including Apple’s store. An Apple spokesperson argued that the company has been already notified by the Ministry of Public Security about the problem. Apple already knows that numerous voice over internet protocol apps do not abide local regulations.

Hence, lawmakers refused to promote these apps in their app stores in China. However, apps like Skype remain available in any other market out there where they continue to do business. Many Chinese users have been complaining about the removal of Skype since they were no longer able to pay for the services provided by this app. Most users argue that this disruption had started in late October.

Skype eliminated from some Chinese app stores

Microsoft owns Skype, and the app continues to function in China. The only inconvenient is that it has been removed from app stores. Nevertheless, the fate of the app is still questionable in this country. The removal of Skype from app stores is just an example of how the Chinese government is trying to control and manage the online flow of information.

A spokesperson from Microsoft indicated that the app had been only temporarily removed from app stores. Furthermore, Microsoft is still making efforts to reintegrate Skype in Chinese app stores as soon as possible. Apparently, Apple is not the only company which is affected by this change. Other app stores in China also removed Skype. This app is no longer available for Google Play and Android manufacturers like Xiaomi and Huawei’s  app stores.

Summing up

Several Chine app stores removed Skype from their range of apps since the government is trying desperately to control the online information flow. Skype is no longer available on Google Play and app stores like Apple, Xiaomi, and Huawei.

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