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Website Records Might Be More Intrusive Than You Think

A new study reveals that websites records can include all you have ever searched, being more accurate than you might think. Researchers from Princeton University indicate that website tracking is more prevalent than people believe it to be. Scientists explain that third-party scripts which are implemented by many websites tend to track your keystrokes. Then, they send it to third parties.

The research underlines the fact that 400 of the most trafficked websites can record every word you type and every click. Specialists argue that users need to be very careful when filling out a form. Some websites keep your records even after you have left their site. Furthermore, if you will copy and paste some data into a form, the website will also keep a record of that.

Website records register all your moves

The scripts are known as session replay scripts, and they cumulate statistics of website visitors. Furthermore, these scripts are also able to play back individual browsing sessions. Generally, companies use the scripts to identify confusing web pages and to find out how customers tend to use websites. However, you should know that they do not run on every page you access.

Session replay script will not work for pages where users fill in medical conditions, passwords or other sensitive information. However, a disturbing thing is the fact that the information these websites collect might not be kept anonymous. For instance, scripts from company FullStory can help the website owner to link the records back to the real identity of the person.

Summing up

This new study raises awareness among website users, warning them that the most popular websites tend to record their every move. Website records can keep the data from a form you have filled out. Therefore, next time you surf the web, do it carefully because someone may know everything you are typing in.

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