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The RED Amazon Echo Donates for a Noble Cause

If you want to contribute to a noble cause, you should purchase the red Amazon Echo. Amazon has recently revealed a (RED) version of its smart speaker Echo. Amazon supports a campaign related to AIDS. Those who will purchase the second-generation red Echo will actually contribute with 10% of the purchase price to support an AIDS campaign. This means that $10 from each purchase will encourage the fight against AIDS via the Global Fund.

Amazon considers that besides the fact that the company supports this noble cause, it is also eye-catching for smart speakers’ fans. Now that the holidays are coming, everyone wants to do a good deed, helping those who really need it. Hence, users can purchase this exquisite speaker. It will not only revitalize the whole home décor, but it will also help you around the house.

The new (RED) Amazon Echo support an AIDS campaign

In the U.S., you can already pre-order the new (RED) Amazon Echo. The formal release date is December 6th. Nevertheless, this smart speaker is not as far-ranging as the efforts implemented by Apple to support the fight against AIDS. Their (RED) products included iPhones which now range from cheap phone cases to new watchbands or even pricey items like headphones. Furthermore, Apple is also known to have released several other accessories and iPods along the years to support the AIDS campaign

Nevertheless, the potential for Amazon’s Echo smart speaker is great because the company uses one of their latest most famous products. The (RED) Amazon Echo is not different from the regular version, expect the color.

Summing up

By purchasing the (RED) Amazon Echo, you will also support the fight against AIDS, helping people who need your support. Hence, Amazon donates 10% of every purchase to an AIDS campaign. The company launched this product just in time for the holidays in order for people to do a good deed.

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