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The Best Black Friday 2017 Gaming Deals

Black Friday is almost here. Many tech companies have already announced some Black Friday 2017 deals. Players need to get their wallets ready just in time for the deals available for Nintendo, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You will be able to find the PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB at the amazing price of just $200. Hence, on November 23 and 14, you should search for it at Jet.com, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Newegg. However, if you were looking for the PlayStation 4 Pro, hoping for a discount, then you might be disappointed.

The Black Friday 2017 gaming deals are here

Another amazing discount is for Xbox One S that will cost $190. Microsoft decided to discount the Xbox One S 500GB just in time for Black Friday. Even if this discount is not as big as the one for the PlayStation, it is still a good deal. The $190 will not include a free game. You can find this discount at Microsoft Store with a free Ubisoft game and 1-month Xbox Game Pass, at Target, Kohl’s, Walmart and several other stores.

Nintendo will not discount any of its consoles. However, you will find an amazing deal including the limited-edition Nintendo 2DS handheld, having a pre-installed copy of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for only $80. This is a pretty good offer that you can find at Walmart, Best Buy, and Target.

This Black Friday, you will also get a discount for PlayStation VR for $100 off. Hence, you can find it at Target for $350, including PS Move controllers, PS Camera, and Skyrim VR. For the same price, you can also find it at Best Buy, GameStop, Amazon, and Walmart.

Summing up

The best Black Friday 2017 deals are here, ready to satisfy every gamer’s needs. On November 23 and 24 you will get the chance to purchase the gaming gadgets you wished for, finding them at an affordable price.

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