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The Apple Watch AI Can Detect Hypertension

The Health startup Cardiogram collaborates with the University of California San Francisco to develop a new study related the Apple Watch AI system which can detect hypertension and sleep apnea. Specialists shared the new study on November 14 during the meeting at the American Heart Association, in Anaheim. It unveils that the Apple Watch has a very smart feature that relies on AI, detecting sleep apnea with an accuracy of 90%.

Furthermore, it can also identify hypertension with an accuracy of 82%. To conduct this study, specialists used a Cardiogram app. They asked 6,000 participants to use this smartwatch for a pre-established timespan. The smart app identified sleep apnea in 1,016 of the participants. On the other hand, it has also spotted 2,230 people who have hypertension.

The Apple Watch AI is called DeepHeart

John Hsieh is the co-founder of Cardiogram and the lead author of the study. He explains that the new research shows that the Apple Watch could play a new role, keeping smartwatch users safe. The Apple Watch AI will continuously track people, preventing them when hypertension signs appear. In this way, users will know that they need special treatment and testing.

Furthermore, the watch is also able to guide people to a suitable final diagnosis. The Apple Watch would transform into a blood pressure cuff to explicitly state the diagnosis. The Cardiogram study relies on the DeepHeart platform. The company had integrated a neural network to store step count data and interpret heart rate.

On this grounds, Apple announced their new Apple Heart Rate study developed in partnership with Stanford University. What is more, the watchOS 4 feature will be incorporated in the new Apple Watch.

Summing up

The Apple Watch AI known as DeepHeart is likely to help every user who does not know they suffer from certain health problems, like hypertension and sleep apnea. This smart feature is what should convince numerous other people to purchase an Apple smartwatch.

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