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How to Fool Apple’s Face Recognition Technology

Apple has implemented the Face Recognition technology in its new iPhone X. Even if everyone was thrilled about this extraordinary feature, some skilled people showed that this technology could be fooled. A team of Vietnamese researchers argues that the new technology is easy to fool if you wear a composite 3D-printed mask.

The managed to deceive Apple’s Face ID authentication system from its iPhone X. They also argued that this technology is not mature enough to guarantee complete security for the new smartphones. Phil Schiller, the Senior Vice President at Apple, claimed during the iPhone X launch event that their Face Recognition technology could clearly distinguish masks from real faces. The system relies on artificial intelligence.

Researchers deceived the face recognition technology

However, this team of researchers proved them wrong, using a 3D printer at their security firm known as Bkav. They have developed a mask which costs $150. They offered some details about the mask, saying that a handmade artist developed the nose. The researchers also used some 2D printing to make other parts of the mask. The skin was hand-made in order to trick the artificial intelligence technology of Apple.

The mask combines makeup, 2D images, and 3D printing. Furthermore, Ngo Tuan Anh, the Vice President of Bkav’s Cyber Security argued that the specialists also used special processing for the area around the face and the cheeks. These experts also posted a video, showing how they did the trick. In 2008, the same company was the first company in the world which proved that face recognition was not an effective security measure for laptops when companies like Asus, Lenovo, and Toshiba implemented it for their laptops.

Summing up

The cybersecurity company Bkav proved that Apple’s face recognition technology is useless and users who purchased the new iPhone X should be more careful. People can easily trick the artificial intelligence system incorporated into this technology.

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