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280-Characters Long Tweets Are The New Norm On Twitter

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Tweets will now be longer as Twitter just raised the limit to 280-characters.

Twitter, the giant microblogging platform, has been experimenting with increasing the size of its tweets for quite some time now. The social media platform is or was famous for its 140-characters long posts that were sometimes just not enough and led to veritable “tweetstorms”.

In looking to expand its limit, Twitter conducted a small, select users test that saw them post longer tweets as the characters limit was increased to 280.

After announcing the trial, the platform announced that it would be modifying the limit, or not, based on its results. Now, according to the latest statement from the development team, the test was a success and Twitter users can say goodbye to the 140-characters limit.

280-Characters Long Tweets Are Now Available to All

The test that extended the limit was conducted in September, and its results can be consulted in the latest post from Aliza Rosen, the Twitter Product Manager.

According to this, the selected users tended to reach the full 280-characters limit in the first days of the trial. The team considers that this occurred because the feature was “new and novel”.

However, users ‘soon’ started presenting a “normalized” behavior, meaning that they started using less than the 280-characters limit but more than the previous 140-characters one. In doing so, they also seemed to be tweeting more easily and also on a more often basis.

However, according to the results, most of the tweets still fit inside the 140-characters limit and “the brevity of Twitter remained.”

Even so, Twitter decided to change the limit, and in its post, also explained why.

Rosen wrote that “We are making this change after listening and observing a problem our global community was having (it wasn’t easy enough to Tweet!), studying data to understand how we could improve, trying it out, and listening to your feedback.”

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean will not see this change as their language system already allowed them to “say more with their tweets”.

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