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The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio: The Future Looks Promising

The new Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is an electric hypercar concept, ready to revolutionize the future. It will feature some extraordinary components under its hood. However, Terzo Millenio is more than just an outstanding concept. Lamborghini unveiled their new car on November 6th. Furthermore, the Italian automaker is working on the development of an extraordinary project in partnership with MIT to bring this car to life.

Since the automotive world is switching to hybrids or electric cars, Lamborghini needs to keep up with the rest of the automakers to remain successful. However, some Lamborghini fans argue that people do not usually buy a sports car to let it be driven by a computer. However, Lamborghini drivers would like some new tech inside their cars while they still enjoy the fun of driving.

Lamborghini developers work with MIT professors

Developers argue that the new Lamborghini Terzo Millennio will implement all the necessary changes to compete with the rest of the automakers in the world. Hence, it will be one of the future’s smart electric cars. The new car definitely looks like a Lamborghini from the side, but then you may start noticing the aerodynamic holes in the structure. Furthermore, it also features a waterslide windshield.

The amazing car features white lighting slits which create the impression that the new Lamborghini is going electric. The MIT professors are working with developers to help them establish how to implement supercapacitors to capture and release energy. Furthermore, they want to investigate how they could build the body of the car by using carbon fiber nanotubes.

Summing up

The new Lamborghini Terzo Millennio has a jaw-dropping design, promising to sport incredible features, implementing the latest technology. However, drivers will still enjoy the fun and pleasure of driving it.

Image Source: SlashGear

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