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Numerous Apple Watch Series 3 Gadgets Crashed

On November 4th, several Apple Watch Series 3 gadget owners complained about their smartwatches that crashed. Apparently, the common factor that triggered the crash was that they asked the smartwatches to offer them data about the weather. Hence, the wristwear stopped functioning and the springboard interface restarted. Owners argue that they have just asked Siri how the weather was going to be on that day.

However, owners have noticed that the smartwatches did not meet any difficulty in telling the weather in subsequent days. Several Apple Watch Series 3 gadget’s users in Europe and North America were affected by this weird glitch. Some Reddit users claim that the crashing may have been related to the end of Daylight Saving Time.

Some of the Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatches crashed

Apparently, if an Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch owner asked about the time after DST, there was no danger of a crash. However, specialists argue that the Apple Watch did not have such a problem in previous years. Nevertheless, it is well-known that iOS devices proved to have some issues regarding calendar bugs and long-running alarms related to DST shifts.

Despite this connection with the change in DST, there is no evidence that proves that time change is the actual cause of the crashes. Furthermore, no one can say for sure whether Siri’s servers are the ones responsible or the watch software. Nevertheless, Apple Watch owners hope that Apple will take care of the problem. The company should prevent this kind of crashes from happening again.

Summing up

Even if this sort of crash affected several users across Europe and North America, people confidently use the Apple Watch Series 3 gadgets. Hopefully, during the next DST, this sort of crash will not happen again. Apple should take care of the problem, finding its source.

Image Source: The Verge

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