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Xbox One X: How the World of Gaming Will Change

Microsoft indicates that its new Xbox One X console is definitely “the most powerful console ever”. The company tried to squeeze more powerful components into the same design of the four-year-old Xbox One. For certain games, the new system promises to provide the same performance as modern PC hardware does.

However, rumor has it that when you take a look at the value of the new hardware, you might be disappointed since Xbox One X did not yet fulfill its promise. You could test a few of the new games which have already a downloadable patch. Nevertheless, the list of games available for the Xbox One X enhanced does not include Halo 5, Forza Motorsport 7, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The new Xbox One X brings enhanced games

Even if Microsoft has already promised that dozens of games will receive similar updates, we still have to wait. Many of the publishers still need a lot more time to adapt their games to the new Xbox One X. Gaming specialists indicate that for the games they have tested, the updates of the console vary, depending on the particular software.

It is true that the tested games perform better on the Xbox One X, but the enhancements may not be worth it $500 on a 4K display. In case you do not own a TV which supports HDR colors or 4K, you won’t really see the improvements. Now, the new console features a booting sequence with a flash of DIMM modules and microchips which represent the added power. The other system menus look just the ones you find on the rest of the Xbox models.

Summing up

The Xbox One X will offer you a new gaming experience. Furthermore, it also has an option in its menu to allow you to sort by “Xbox One X Enhanced Games”. In this way, Microsoft lets you know which games have been updated.

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