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The New iPhone X: How the Future Will Look Like

The new iPhone X will make you forget about the iPhone 8, promising to satisfy buyers needs and sport innovative features. The new smartphone will have thin bezels and an incredible screen. Some people may be disappointed when they see the price, wondering what could this phone offer to cost $1,000. The high-resolution screen is almost as big as the entire surface of the phone.

The front camera will help you snap incredible pictures, and you could also use the new and artsy portrait mode. Furthermore, the most incredible feature is face-recognition, helping you unlock your phone. You will need to learn how to master some gestures to reprogram your muscle memories optimized for the gadget’s home button.

The new iPhone X has an incredible screen

The new iPhone X also includes new emojis in its iMessage app. You can have fun using 12 new “Animojis”. When sending one of these emojis, you could also record a video or audio message to send with it. Then, the iPhone X will register your voice and facial expressions, transforming them into the Animoji. The Animojis represent one of the most technological advances of the new iPhone X.

Hence, the exquisite traits that make this smartphone unique rely on an advanced camera, exotic sensors, facial recognition and also powerful chips. These chips manage machine learning and graphics. Currently, Apple’s concern is how to implement a user’s face into a fecal avatar, a panda, an ET, a chicken, a robot, etc.

Nevertheless, the new iPhone X promises more surprises for buyers, as Tim Cook argues that this is “the future of the smartphone”. On the other hand, some reviews indicate that the new device can alter people relationship with technology.

Summing up

The new iPhone X is clearly an incredibly pocket-size computer that could help you perform numerous tasks. It has an impressive screen in a compact form, and the device has a slightly different design than the iPhone 8.

Image Source: CNET

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