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Audible Support on Kindle: For When Your Eyes Need a Break

Amazon announced that it is ready to implement audible support to their cheapest Kindle. Therefore, if you are one of those persons who enjoy hearing someone reading you a book, then Kindle will do it for you. Hence, Amazon will roll out the Audible support for the $80 Kindle in following months. Kindle Oasis will have this incredible feature that will help you relax and rest your eyes while it narrates your favorite book.

Besides the fact that Kindle Oasis is waterproof, you can now enjoy the audible support using some speakers of Bluetooth headphones. Both heir cheapest model but also the new Kindle Oasis will feature this amazing characteristic that will help you alter your relaxing activity into something more pleasant. Therefore, no matter how much you like it, instead of just reading hours on end, you could just listen to the story.

Kindle will feature Audible support

What else could be more soothing and peaceful than closing your eyes and letting your kindle narrate your book or read poems for you? Nevertheless, Kindles do not feature any speakers. That is why users need to pair the Kindle with one of their devices using Bluetooth. The revolutionary feature will be an over-the-air-update, launching it in the near future.

Apparently, the Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paperwhite will not feature audible support. Amazon is the owner of Audible. Hence, the connection between the audiobook company and Kindle makes sense. Furthermore, in recent years, audiobooks gained their popularity. In the meantime, Audible started producing its original content. Audible members will have the chance to access all their purchases using a single device.

Summing up

When you enjoy reading a lot, but your eyes get tired, that is when you could use Audible support. You could let your Kindle narrate the story for you. The new feature will be implemented by Amazon in the future months, improving your reading activity.

Image Source: Wired

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