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Google Pixelbook: Are You Ready for the Future?

The Google Pixelbook is meant to make students’ lives easier, combining their needs and desires to project a better future. Google is no longer selling the original Chromebook Pixel due to the fact that the company wants to bring the new Chrome OS laptop in the spotlight. Some reviews even state that the new Pixelbook may be ahead of its time.

The new gadget’s design is similar to the Pixel 2 smartphone. The Pixelbook features an aluminum chassis that has a satin finish and a white glass panel on the lid. Furthermore, it is mirrored by a rubbery strip which wraps around the chassis. The rubber material offers the device some grip in case you place it on a slippery surface.

Google Pixelbook is more than you have expected

This incredible gadget sports a 12.3-inch 2400×1600 LCD touch display, and it has wider bezels around the display. The Google Pixelbook has two-in-one modes. It can be a laptop or a tablet, also including the entertainment mode. This means that you can flip the keyboard underneath the gadget. Hence, now you know that the rubbery palm rests are very useful in this mode.

On the edges of the chassis, you will see a few ports, namely one USB Type C port on each side and a power button, volume rocker and headphone jack on the left side. Furthermore, there is one more reason why you will love this new gadget. It features four small mics inside to be able to use Google Assistant, listening to your commands and questions. The Pixelbook has 128GB of storage, being much more compared to the rest of the Chromebooks.

Summing up

The new Google Pixelbook is a revolutionary tablet, suitable for students who need a compact laptop to carry it around. The tablet features two-in-one modes, offering you the chance to use its wide range of characteristics.

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